Bob Huggins out at West Virginia, SDSU flirts with Pac-12, Maryland's new facilities & how high should Michigan be ranked?

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Forde discuss the weekend’s huge college athletics news after West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins stepped down from his role after receiving a DUI arrest in Pittsburgh

Already walking on thin ice after an insensitive radio appearance this spring, Bob Huggins was arrested on Saturday night after reportedly blowing a .210 on a breathalyzer. West Virginia allowed Huggins to step down instead of an immediate firing, but the Hall of Fame coach will be leaving the Mountaineers on a low note nonetheless.

San Diego State has entered a tricky situation with their plans to leave the Mountain West Conference. The school has asked for a one-month extension to avoid a roughly $17 million increase of buyout money that would be owed to the Mountain West. SDSU’s ultimate decision still appears to hinge on who the Pac-12 partners with for their upcoming media deal.

Maryland football coach Mike Locksley spoke on the newest facilities that were completed in College Park, Maryland. Locksley stated that the athletes don’t favor elite facilities anymore and would rather take payments instead of industry-standard locker rooms and training areas.

The Michigan Wolverines have a big season ahead of them, and with valuable starters returning to the team, some are ranking them very high heading into the season. Pat and Dan discuss whether or not Michigan should be granted a top ranking in a tough Big Ten conference going into 2023.

In news of the weird, a Kentucky resident had a legendary obituary written about him, the non-NCAA championships continue to amaze & we get an update on the Jell-O shot contest taking place at the College Baseball World Series.

1:00 Bob Huggins has to step down after being arrested for a DUI

14:30 San Diego State requests a one month extension before resigning from the Mountain West

28:20 Mike Locksley had thoughts on recruits favoring money over facilities

36:20 Where should the Michigan Wolverines be ranked before the season

43:44 There was a fantastic obituary for Kentucky resident James Loveless

50:57 More non-NCAA national championships

1:02:20 College World Series Jell-O shot standings

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