Do-or-die Brandon Staley gamble pays off for Chargers on game-winning 2-point conversion

The Los Angeles Chargers faced a choice late in Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Kick an extra point and play for overtime. Or roll the dice for the win.

Brandon Staley is the Chargers head coach. So they rolled the dice. And they won.

After Austin Ekeler scored a one-yard touchdown on first-and-goal, the Chargers trailed the Cardinals, 24-23 with 15 seconds remaining. Staley didn't send out the kicking unit. He kept his offense on the field. Quarterback Justin Herbert took a shotgun snap, then found Gerald Everett uncovered at the goal line for the go-ahead two-point conversion.

The Cardinals failed to convert on a desperation possession with 15 seconds remaining, and the Chargers held on for a 25-24 win thanks to Staley's gamble paying off.

Since Staley took over the Chargers last season, calculated gamble have become his trademark, much to the chagrin of Chargers fans when they don't work out. But on Sunday, the strategy secured a critical win as Los Angeles improved to 6-5 to keep pace in a competitive AFC playoff race.