Nonprofit helping at-risk foster children get adopted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A push to get kids at-risk of aging out of the foster system has brought higher adoptions numbers.

Instead of going to the courthouse, Zoom calls are the new way of adopting during the pandemic. The video feature allows more people in the hearing at one time.

A non-profit group working to get kids in homes says abuse in foster cares is down.

Dave Thomas Foundation’s Rita Soronen says, “because kids aren’t in school as regularly as they used to be or perhaps not seeing those healthcare providers as usual as they used to were seeing incidences of abuse decline. I’m not certain that’s because abuse has declined but because the reporting mechanism aren’t in place”

Children with disabilities, teenagers and sibling are most at-risk of not finding a home.

Robbin Brydges adopted brothers Dalton and Dawson, both are older and have several health issues.

Brydges says, “You just need to know that there are kids out there. That they want nothing more than a mom and a dad or to moms or to Dad’s or whatever the combination looks like but they just want to home. They want parents to care about them.”

Children aging out of the foster care system can be dangerous for them.

Soronen says, “They’re more likely to be at risk of homelessness or being under employed or under educated.”

If you are interested in adopting yourself you can find more information and resources on Dave Thomas Foundation’s website.

The nonprofit also accepts donations to help get foster children into a safe home.