Only 2 days away from the NFL Draft

Jacksonville, FL. — We’re less than two days away from the NFL Draft.

The entire City of Jacksonville is getting ready for Thursday night, and more importantly the number one pick.

“I feel like all of Duval is about to change it’s huge,” explains Will Frazier.

Frazier is a Jags season ticket holder.

He also happens to be the manager of the downtown Bold City Brewery taproom.

He can’t remember the last time there’s been this much hype surrounding the Jags.

“People are so excited about the Jaguars and you’re getting fans that haven’t been Jaguars fans but might have been Trevor fans that are already talking about coming to Duval, which is huge.” They’re expecting not just a big draft night, but a successful season too. “I think it will be positive and that’s all we’re asking for. I think most people just want something positive. I mean hey, if the jags make it to the playoffs we want that, but if they just have a winning record I think that will be bigger than anything.” He thinks it will be a win on and off the field for Jags fans and local businesses. “This is what we’ve been waiting for, for sure.”

Bold City Brewery will be having specials on draft night Thursday.

They’re also expecting a big crowd thanks to the fourth and final Jax River Jams concert at Riverwalk Plaza.

Action News Jax will be live all night long bringing you everything Jags from across the city starting at 4pm.