• Man charged in missing teen's disappearance


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Authorities have arrested a man in connection with the disappearance of an Orange County teenager earlier this week.

    Deputies said 16-year-old Alexandria Fransa Chery was last seen at her home at the Hawthorne Grove apartment complex in Orlando early Monday morning.

    Channel 9 has learned Sanel Saintsimon was arrested in the case and charged with providing false information to a law enforcement officer and attempted destruction of evidence.

    Saintsimon, authorities said, is the long-time boyfriend of Chery's mother.

    Authorities said Chery told her mother about 7 a.m. that she didn’t feel well and was staying home for the day. When her mother got home later that evening, however, her daughter was nowhere to be found.

    Investigators said almost all of Chery's personal belongings were gone from the closets and dresser when they arrived at the scene.

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    The only thing left in the room was an oversized stuffed teddy bear with what appeared to be a moderate amount of blood or some sort of substance on the foot.

    The mother said she also saw blood spatter on several other areas of the residence and that there was a strong odor of bleach coming from a pair of men's underwear found under her daughter’s bed.

    Chery's mother also noted that the bed, which is usually made well, was stripped of the comforter, sheets, and pillows.

    Saintsimon went to his job at the South Kirkman Road Boston Market about 7 a.m. Monday but left without notification about 9:30 a.m., according to authorities.

    Investigators said Saintsimon was untruthful during questioning and Chery's disappearance is considered extremely suspicious. 

    Authorities are processing Saintsimon's black Pontiac hoping to find clues. They're asking anyone who may have seen the car in the area on Monday to contact authorities.

    Anyone with information in Chery's disappearance is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

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