People 60 and up now eligible for Covid vaccine

Jacksonville, FL. — Last week Governor Ron DeSantis announced COVID-19 vaccine eligibility for people 60 and up in Florida.

Starting Monday, sites across the State could administer to the new eligible group.

At the Gateway Mall federally supported site in Brentwood, no long lines, but a steady stream of people coming in.

“It was a relief because my wife and I have been pretty antsy about getting the shot.” Gary Alberti said.

Alberti is 63 and has waited his turn for a chance to get a vaccination.

Over the weekend, the two Satellite sites relocated to Oceanway and the Beaches.

The latest numbers from the State show a low turnout with 315 vaccinated in total on Sunday.

The two smaller sites can vaccinate 1,000 people in total daily.

The Brentwood site can vaccinated 3,000 people every day.

Action News Jax asked the State to provide numbers for the Brentwood site.

Governor Ron Desantis said he will expand vaccine eligibility in five year increments and expects to expand to 55 and up later this month.

As of Monday, you can get the vaccine in Florida if you meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • Floridians age 60 and up
  • Health care professionals
  • Long-term care patients and staff
  • Law enforcement 50 and up
  • Firefighters 50 and up
  • Anyone who works in a pre-primary, primary or secondary school
  • Persons under 65 deemed medically vulnerable by a physician

NOTE: You will need your physician to fill out a COVID-19 Determination of Extreme Vulnerability form that can be found here.