Report: Protesters at Brown indictment paid to hold signs

The Florida Times-Union reported that protesters who were outside of the federal courthouse Friday in support of Congresswoman Corrine Brown were paid to protest and hold signs. 

Action News Jax spoke to two of the protesters. One of them says he is homeless veteran who wanted to support Brown for what she’s done,

In return, he says he was given food.

While Florida Rep. Corrine Brown was being indicted at the federal courthouse, several people were seen holding signs and chanting in support of the Congresswoman, who faces a sweeping federal indictment of 23 counts.

Following the protest, the Times-Union reported that one supporter collected the signs and "As people handed him signs, he handed them bills."

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“They took me down to 7-11 and let me get a couple slices of pizza and a soda at the store,” said Robert Thompson, a homeless veteran.

Thompson says he wanted show his support for Brown, who he says has done a lot to help people in his situation.

“Giving her support was my way of saying, ‘You know, thank you for the help to the people that needs it,’” Thompson said.