Restaurant near Jacksonville’s Five Points area cited during a state inspection

Restaurant Report: 2/21/2020

Action News Jax’s Ben Becker paid a visit to Timoti’s Seafood Shack near Post Street in the Five Points area.

It’s after state inspectors found sewage was backing up through the floor drains, potentially hazardous food temperatures and freezer shelves soiled with encrusted food debris. It was temporarily closed.

The manager Becker spoke to said he closed because of a backed-up pipe.

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“ It was just bad timing. We had to halt everything so we focused on that,” the manager said.

“So it’s all good now?” Becker asked, to which the manager replied, “Everything is perfect.”

Elsewhere, Famous Sandwiches and Subs on San Juan Avenue near Jammes Road was cited for nine live roaches, raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food and potentially hazardous food temperatures.

The restaurant was also temporarily closed.

Inspectors said European Street Café on Beach Boulevard near South 10th Street in Jacksonville Beach had gaskets with a slimy/mold-like buildup, potentially hazardous food temperatures and a cutting board that was stained/soiled.

Breakfast Bowls & Burritos on St. Johns Bluff near Jorick Road was cited for equipment in poor repair, potentially hazardous food temperatures and a manager lacking proof of certification.

All the restaurant mentioned have passed follow-up inspections.