Restaurant Report: Live roaches, a rodent on a sticky trap and roach eggs found by inspectors

Restaurant Report: Violations found at restaurants during inspection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax’s Ben Becker paid a visit to JJ’s Crab House on Kings Road near Spires Avenue.

It’s after state inspectors discovered 44 rodent droppings, potentially hazardous food temperatures and raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food. It was temporarily closed.

“So where’d the bugs come from,” Becker asked an employee.

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The worker didn’t answer his question, but a customer was concerned with what inspectors discovered.

“I didn’t know that until you came in,” the customer told Becker.

Elsewhere, Blue Sea Crab House (previously known as Zebo’s Crab Shack) on West Beaver Street near I-95 was cited for a dead rodent on a sticky trap, five rodent droppings and an objectionable odor in establishment. It was also temporarily closed.

Hurricane Patty’s on Lewis Boulevard near Ponce de Leon had ten live roaches, potentially hazardous food temperatures and a hole in wall. It was temporarily closed.

Shtickwiches on Richard Street near Philips Highway was cited for 15 live roaches, five roach egg cases found on the floor and roach excrement present.

It was temporarily closed.

All the restaurants mentioned have passed follow-up inspections.