St. Johns, Duval to start COVID-19 vaccine appointments

St. Johns, Duval to start COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Florida — A line of hundreds of cars wrapped around the St. Johns County Health Department again Sunday.

It was the last day of drive-thru vaccines which were administered on a first come, first served basis.

The health department said it administered about 600 vaccines.

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The St. Johns County Health Department accepted help from county and will now distribute vaccines through appointments at the Solomon Calhoun Monday.

They will start by administering about 200 vaccines on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

“I think it would be better,” Bob Lewis said.

He waited in line overnight since 7 p.m. Saturday to guarantee a spot for the vaccine on Sunday.

He waited outside the health department like hundreds of others.

“This is kind of dangerous. [Saturday] night if you could’ve seen people turning around and doing U turns. Half in the road, half out.”

Others like Lynne Cason said she came to the drive-thru distribution because she was concerned the wait for an appointment would be too long.

When slots are available, it will be posted on the St. Johns County Health Department website.

“It’s an unknown about when you would get the vaccine,” Cason said.

Duval County will also begin appointment vaccines at the Prime Osborne Center Monday.

Slots can be booked on its website here:

As of Sunday, all of next week’s appointments were booked.

St. Johns and Duval expect another shipment of doses this week which will add availability.

Vaccines are reserved for people ages 65 and older, healthcare workers, and long term care residents and staff.