• Teacher dances with students at Georgia middle school in viral video


    GEORGIA - A video of a teacher dancing with his students has gone viral. It may look like fun and games in the video posted on Facebook on Monday, but it’s actually a method to Principal Ron Clark's madness.

    The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta is a middle school that is built like an urban version of Hogwarts from “Harry Potter.” It has a 55-rule code of conduct that includes shaking hands, making eye contact and answering questions in complete sentences.

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    But, it's not all fun and games at the Ron Clark Academy.

    “It's about academic rigor. We make it as hard as we can, possibly make it  they can all be successful,” said Ron Clark.

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    Clark won the National Teacher of the Year award when he taught in Harlem, New York.

    Clark opened the Atlanta academy in 2007 and says when his students leave him he hopes they have a sense of no fear.

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