Teen saves Wendy’s coworker from armed robbery suspect

Jacksonville, FL. — A teenager’s brave actions helped save her Wendy’s co-worker when he was attacked by an armed robbery suspect in Jacksonville.

Action News Jax told you the victim was leaving work Sunday night when he was ambushed in the parking lot at the Wendy’s on Southside Blvd.

19-year-old Kaylie Hale, who’s only worked at the Wendy’s for a month, didn’t hesitate to jump into action. “It was the right thing to do,” Hale said. “I just think you’re supposed to help somebody out.”

The teen said she felt a sense of responsibility to protect her older co-worker, who is 61-years-old.

“He’s a nice person. He works a lot and he works hard,” Hale said.

Police said the victim was brutally beaten by the suspect, who was armed with a tool that appeared to be a tire iron.

“He started beating him in the head and all over the rest of his body,” Hale said. “If I wasn’t there, he would’ve been dead.”

Hale, who was in the car with her mother, got out and started yelling at the suspect to stop.

“I wasn’t feeling scared. I just felt like he just needed help,” Hale said.

During the fight, the victim and suspect stumbled into the bushes.

The victim was able to break free when the attacker got stuck in the bushes.

The victim got into the car Hale was in.

The teen said the suspect tried to get into the car and drag the victim out.

Hale told the suspect she was calling 911.

“He got really scared. He just left,” Hale said.

The police report said the suspect ran behind the Chick-Fil-A next-door and got into a car, possibly a black Cadillac.

Police said the victim was able to rip the suspect’s ski mask off during the struggle.

Police reviewed video that captured the attack and a better look at the suspect.

Police described the suspect as a light skin black guy with a faded afro style haircut.

Action News Jax asked the Wendy’s for any surveillance video footage, but we’re waiting on a response.