Argentina woman with fake baby bump caught smuggling 9 pounds of marijuana, officials say

Argentina woman attempts to smuggle marijuana in fake baby bump

SANTA CRUZ, Argentina — An Argentina woman with a "baby bump" was arrested after officials discovered that her 9-pound bundle of joy was actually marijuana, border authorities said last week.

According to Global News, the woman, who was traveling from Mendoza to Caleta Olivia, was pretending to be pregnant when the Argentine National Gendarmerie stopped her and another man. While searching the woman, authorities found that she "was carrying 15 packages of marijuana hidden in a false belly," the gendarmerie said in a news release Wednesday. Officials also seized two packages of marijuana from the man, who had hidden the drugs in his carry-on luggage, the release said.

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The gendarmerie took to Twitter to share photos from the arrest.

"I pretended to be pregnant, but I had a fake belly with drugs," read a translation of the tweet, which featured images of the woman's "belly" under her clothes and the drugs on a scale.

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