Bear cub killed because people wouldn't stop feeding it

SEE: Black Bear Cub Killed Because People Kept Feeding It

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. — A young black bear had to be euthanized because it got too used to humans because people would not stop feeding it, officials in Oregon said.

The bear had been seen eating trail mix and sunflower seeds in the past, officials with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, told The Oregonian.

Not only had people been feeding the bear cub, but they had also been taking selfies with it, KTVZ reported.

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Wildlife experts say no matter what your intentions are, people should never feed bears, according to The Oregonian.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife will not relocate bears that have become too acclimated to humans because they could become dangerous to people later, KTVZ reported.

And not only could the bears, or other wildlife, become too used to people, the "junk food" that is fed to them could make them sick, KTVZ reported.