Computer issues lead to prescription problems at CVS, company says

CANTON, Mass. — Two days of problems at some CVS pharmacy locations have customers turning away and looking elsewhere for life-saving medication.

A spokesperson for the Rhode Island-based medical giant told Boston 25 News that some of the pharmacies experienced system connectivity interruptions, and they were working to resolve them.

"They can fill prescriptions and dispense to customers, but cannot process insurance claims,” an email from the company said.

But that’s not enough for some customers, including Jen Powers who said her 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a sinus infection, but she ran into problems when picking the prescription up Monday night.

“They rudely told me they weren't going to be able to fill it because their computer system is down,” the Canton mother said.

Powers said it took several hours and two trips to a different pharmacy to get the prescription filled. It also cost her $100 out of pocket instead of her small co-pay.

“Because CVS already billed our insurance that we were out of luck and we ended up having to pay many hours later and into the night cash, full cash price for an antibiotic,” she said.

Boston 25 News found CVS customers complaining about the computer problems across the country.

"I can't take my insulin because of your incompetence,” one Twitter user posted.

"They took my info down on a paper bag. Their lack of emergency management is mind-blowing,” a tweet from another user said.

Powers says her local CVS told her the computer glitch prevented any prescriptions from being filled, and now she's moving on.

“This is a deal breaker unfortunately,” she said. “I’m done with CVS.”