Dog with terminal cancer gets new home to live out final days

Dog with terminal cancer gets new home to live out final days

FILE PHOTO: A dog diagnosed with terminal cancer now has a forever home to live out her final months.

INDIANAPOLIS — Enoc Lopez is giving a dog that is battling terminal cancer a loving home for the time she has left.

Mocha has been waiting for a home at the humane society in Indianapolis since April. She had been taken there when her owner died, WISH reported.

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The 10-year-old dog was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and veterinarians say has six months to a year left to live, but that short time didn't stop Lopez from bringing Mocha home to meet his son and his other dog Amy, who is deaf, according to WISH.

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Posted by IndyHumane on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

For the time Mocha has left, she will have what she needs.

"She might not live for a long time but at least she'll be able to live in a big yard surrounded by people that will love and pet her and where she doesn't need anything until that day comes. But until then, make her comfortable and happy," Lopez told WISH.

Lopez has opened his home and his heart before. He is a single father of an adopted son, Allen, whom he adopted last year. He hopes to teach Allen a life lesson by bringing Mocha into their small family, WISH reported.