Florida man fatally shot at Waffle House during dispute

Man Fatally Shot in Head at Waffle House During Dispute

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Florida man fatally shot a diner Sunday at Waffle House after they got into an argument.

The Alachua County Sheriff's Office said Craig Brewer, 41, was shot in the head around 3 a.m. by Ezekiel Hicks, WGFL reported.

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Hicks got into a fight with Brewer inside the restaurant, then went outside to get a 9mm handgun, investigators said. Hicks went back into the restaurant and continued the dispute before shooting Brewer in the head.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, investigators said.

Hicks was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and concealing an unlicensed firearm, according to jail records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.