Florida woman claims Southwest Airlines lost her mother's prosthetic foot

A Florida woman is angry that she had to do some sole searching when she flew to visit her elderly mother.

Margaret Crawford is claiming that Southwest Airlines lost luggage containing her 97-year-old mother's new prosthetic foot for almost two weeks, WFLA reported Tuesday.

Margaret Crawford flew from Tampa International Airport to Belize on March 30. After discovering that the luggage containing the prosthetic foot was lost, she remained in contact with Southwest Airlines. The airline called daily to update Crawford, she told the television station, but it wasn’t until she returned to Tampa that the luggage was found in Atlanta.

“I feel like they robbed me and it's the principle. In today's technology, they should not lose luggage for two weeks,” Crawford told WFLA. I wanted to witness my mom putting on that shoe, I wanted to dance with her, just to hold her and see that excitement and listen to her laughter.”

Crawford said she paid more than $500 for the flight to Belize and an additional $75 for the luggage that included the prosthetic foot. She said that Southwest has offered to pay half of that amount, but she really wants a complimentary round-trip flight to Belize.

"I made a lot of sacrifice to make that trip and I am expecting Southwest to do the right thing -- for them to get me back there with my luggage so I can see my mom with her foot and I would like it while she is still alive," Crawford told WFLA.

Southwest Airlines has not returned messages for comment, WFLA reported.