Florida woman used photocopied $20 bills at Walmart, Applebee's

A woman in northern Florida got arrested after she tried to use paper photocopies of $20 bills at a Walmart and an Applebee’s.

According to Lake City police, Brandi Harden, 30, went to a Walmart on Jan. 14 and gave the cashier five of the fake bills to purchase items, the Gainesville Sun reports.

When the Walmart employee questioned Harden she fled the store. She was caught by police two days later after she used the same counterfeit money to pay for her bill at an Applebee’s and left her cellphone on the table.

Police questioned Harden at a hotel where she admitted to using the fake money and officers found more fake bills, blank paper and a printer in her room, the Gainesville Sun reports.

Harden was arrested on charges of possession of counterfeit bills. She faces additional charges of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, since officers found the substance on her.