Good Samaritan who helped gunshot victim must pay $2,500

An Ohio woman proves the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

The two good Samaritans credited with saving a gunshot victim’s life on Saturday are now $2,500 in the hole.

Rolandis Bush and Alexis Margioras were driving on Rustic Road when she saw a man struggling on the ground.

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“She had her window cracked. All of a sudden we heard ‘Help I’ve been shot,’ ” Bush said.

Others passed by, but the two friends moved quickly to pull the gunshot victim into the back of Margioras’ car and make a tourniquet out of T-shirts off their backs.

“He was talking about he was getting lightheaded and dizzy in the car and about to pass out and everything,” Bush said. “So we get to the hospital and we run in there and say, ‘somebody’s been shot, somebody’s been shot’ and immediately they came running out.”

The man survived and is now in stable condition. But because of all the blood he had been gushing, the car is now considered a biohazard.

“There was so much blood on the floor, stuck underneath the flooring. The only way to get that properly cleaned is to pull up the flooring completely and pay another crime scene cleanup crew to come clean up what’s underneath, and pay another company to fix the flooring in the car. As well as they’re looking into the leather where it seeped into the seaming and the treading,” Margioras said.

It will cost an estimated $2,500, which is money the young mother and her friend don’t have. They are hoping a gofundme account will help so Margioras can safely put her daughter’s car seat in the back once again.

Knowing all the money it cost, Margioras said she doesn’t regret helping the man, that the life of a stranger was worth it.