Groom stops wedding photo shoot to rescue drowning man

File photo. )

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — A groom, who happened to be a former lifeguard and member of the Coast Guard, was called to duty, while taking his wedding day pictures, when a swimmer was caught in rough currents and started drowning.

"She said don't worry about your pants, just go. See you've got to listen to your wife because otherwise, you're in trouble," Zac Edwards, the groom, told WALA.

Edwards swam in after the man, who has not been identified, and brought him back to shore. There were red flags on the beach, noting the danger of the surf, WALA reported.

"It's scary. You don't wanna lose a loved one, unfortunately, living here, we hear about it way too often," Zac Edward's wife, Cindy Edwards, told WALA. "Just be mindful of those flags and knowing to be cautious."

Emergency responders helped the two onto the beach. Edwards, who had a nose bleed, told his bride, adorned in a white dress, to keep her distance until he could be cleaned up, WALA reported.

"It's a story to tell,” Zac Edwards said. “I told her, ‘The grandkids are going to have a story to tell.’ It was a perfect day. Beautiful wedding.”