Instead of tip, waitress gets insulting, xenophobic message

When will people learn to stop writing awful messages on receipts? It never works out well.

An 18-year-old waitress named Sadie Karina Elledge from Harrisonburg, Virginia, who’d just gotten done serving a couple lunch, took a look at the receipt and saw the words “We only tip citizens.”

Elledge is an American of Honduran and Mexican descent.

"It doesn't matter whether I'm Hispanic or American or whatever you want to call it," she said told WHSV. "I'm still a person and you should still treat me with respect."

Elledge’s grandfather John Elledge is furious about the whole situation and posted about it on Facebook.

“Ada M. Doriot” is the name he believes was written at the bottom of the receipt.

Elledge, who said he is particularly sensitive to the way his granddaughter was treated, told The Washington Post that during the 1980s in Honduras "he taught English to children in a bilingual school, started a youth program and met Iris, the Honduran woman who would become his wife."

“I’ve gotten six wonderful grandkids,” he said. “Sadie’s the third oldest. Her dad’s Honduran — my son — and her mother is Mexican. We’re a totally bicultural family. A pretty typical bicultural family.”

Apparently, after he posted the receipt on Facebook and the story picked up steam, Elledge said he encountered the couple at the restaurant. They were angry that this was making the rounds on social media.

Tom Marchese, the manager at Jess’ Lunch, said that the man “was yelling and screaming about the four digits (of the credit card).”

“I said ‘It’s not even your card. Are you really concerned about that or are you more concerned about what was put on social media?’ He said ‘well, both,'” Marchese said. “I told him why is he even yelling at me, he should go to the person that did it.”

Elledge walked into the restaurant soon after, having heard that the couple were there.

“We didn’t talk much. She was mad that I posted it... The guy, he was being really belligerent,” Elledge told the Post about the encounter. “She was asking me why I posted it. I said obviously, it was an insult (above) your signature against my granddaughter, darn right I’m going to post it. And no apologies.”

Ada M. Doriot. You are a complete and total piece of dung.

Posted by John Elledge on Tuesday, August 16, 2016