• List ranks best U.S. cities to get married

    By: Ryan DiPentima, Palm Beach Post


    Looking for a place to get married? A new study claims that there is a premiere wedding destination in our own backyard.

    According to WalletHub, Orlando ranks as the top city for weddings in the United States, and Atlanta is right behind at third. The study looked at factors such as the average cost of a wedding, the number of wedding chapels, churches and bridal shops in an area and the area with the most attractions.

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    WalletHub said its methodology involved comparing 15 U.S. cities in cost, activities and attractions and facilities and services.

    Las Vegas lost its top spot in 2018, with Orlando now number one, and Sin City coming in at number 2.

    Take a look at the rankings:

    1. Orlando, Florida
    2. Las Vegas
    3. Atlanta
    4. Los Angeles
    5. Miami
    6. San Diego
    7. San Francisco
    8. Chicago
    9. New York
    10. Portland, Oregon

    Austin, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; Knoxville, Tennessee and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, made the list at 11th, 19th, 23rd and 28th, respectively.

    Other cities on the list include Spokane, Washington, 54th; Pittsburgh 35th, Seattle 12th, Tulsa, Oklahoma, No. 46th, and Memphis, Tennessee, 51st.

    The full list ranking 182 cities can be found at WalletHub.

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