Pet pigs beaten to death in latest brutal attack on animals in Kentucky county

Pet pigs beaten to death in latest brutal attack on animals in Kentucky county

A pet pot-bellied pig nibbles on a lettuce snack. Authorities in Bullitt County, Kentucky are investigating a series of recent attacks on pets and animals. A $1,300 reward is being offered for information on who is behind the attacks. Photo: Pixabay

BULLITT  COUNTY, Ky. — A pair of trained therapy pigs are the latest animals victimized in a recent rash of attacks on pets in Bullitt County, Kentucky.

A family reported that two of their three pet pigs were savagely beaten and killed Thursday while they were away at dinner, according to WAVE-TV.

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Sunnie Howell said she was shocked at the condition of her pets, named Honey and Pigrawk, when she returned to her home.

"When I came to the gate and I didn't hear them it didn't register at that point," Howell told WAVE.

“Usually when I rattle the gate you start hearing them talk,” she said.

Howell said, instead, she found both animals battered and bloodied.

"We open up the door and the first pig closest to the door was Honey and she was obviously gone," she said. "And then Pigrawk was back in the corner and he was gone."

A third pig, the younger offspring of Honey and Pigrawk named Gypsy, survived, but also sustained injuries, including bruising.

"They didn't deserve to die as brutally as this," Howell said in a post on social media. "They were gentle and loved by many."

Howell said she was so saddened and upset by the attack, but pledged to help her one surviving pig recover and to find out who did this to her pets.

Other animals have been attacked in the area recently, including a cat with its feet tied together found in the middle of the road, a dog that was stabbed repeatedly, according to the news station. Another dog was discovered with gasoline on it and a koi pond was poisoned.

“If it’s not one person doing this then we have several sick sadistic people,” Howell said.

A reward fund with $1,300 so far has been set up for information leading to those responsible for the attacks.