• 'Pokemon Go' fan stabbed while playing game, continues mission to 'catch 'em all' after attack

    By: Richard Thompson , Rare.us


    FOREST GROVE, Ore. - The public’s obsession with "Pokémon Go" has pretty much led to all-out craziness in the streets, and 21-year-old Michael Baker is lucky to even be alive.

    KPTV - FOX 12

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    The Forest Grove, Oregon, resident was playing the wildly popular smartphone app about 1 a.m. Monday when he saw another man who he thought was joining him in his quest to catch ’em all. He was sorely mistaken.

    “I saw him go by and asked if he was playing 'Pokémon Go.' He was like, ‘What?’ I guess he wanted to battle because he came up at me with a knife,” Baker told KPTV.

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    That’s when Baker got stabbed. But he didn't go to the hospital right away; instead, he kept looking for Pokémon, according to KPTV.

    “Right after I was stabbed, I continued my mission to Plaid Pantry for my mission for chips and beer,” Baker said.

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    Baker got eight stitches in his shoulder as a result of the attack. Does he plan on slowing down on the "Pokémon Go"-ing anytime soon?

    “No, it’s important to me. I gotta basically catch them all,” he said.

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