Power of a hug: Boy recovering from surgery is comforted by police officer

SEE: Boy recovering from surgery is comforted by police officer

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A little boy recovering from surgery told nurses he really, really needed a hug.

But, two-year-old Brooks didn't just want any hug - only one from a police officer would suffice.

Despite the unusual request, the hospital did everything they could to make sure little Brooks got the special moment he wanted.

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After getting his tonsils taken out, two days recovering in the hospital was starting to wear on him.

"There were only so many popsicles he could eat," said Shannon Bettencourt, Brook's mom. "He started wandering the ward and told us he was looking for a police officer to hug and the nurses heard him say that so they found one for him."

Because not all heroes wear capes, Manchester Police Officer Tony Battistelli showed they sometimes wear police uniforms.

On duty at the ER, Battistelli was more than willing to grant the little boy's wish.

"The moment just totally warmed my heart, just really warmed my heart," said Bettencourt. "I think [Brooks] just innately knows that they are helpers and always wants to give them high fives whenever he sees them or check out their cruisers and trucks."

After being discharged from the hospital a short time later, Brooks made sure to say goodbye to his new friend.

The staff at the hospital said sometimes, medicine isn't the only thing needed to complete a patient's treatment. The family says they know the power a hug can have.

"He's only 2 years old, so he was very brave and the police officer was very nice," said Ava, Brooks' sister.

"I think that a hug was good for him and I think that a hug was good for the officer too and it was good for everyone to see that," said Bettencourt.

Brooks is now at home recovering and doing just fine.

Officer Battistelli, or "Officer Tony" as Brooks calls him, said he considers this to be part of the job and didn't want any more attention by doing an interview.