Watch: Young moose chases golfer across links as friends laugh at hilarious scene

A young, curious moose decided to take a closer look at a golfer and his clubs on a course in Sweden, and what happened next is priceless.

The scene unfolded at the Karlstad Golf Club in Karlstad, Sweden, when the young moose got a little too close for comfort.

The golfer, identified as Christer Sjogren by the Stockholm newspaper Aftonbladet, at first tried to hide from the calf behind a tree, but after a few minutes he realized that wasn't working.

Sjogren then took off across the links with the calf hot on his heels.

Tony Swahn recorded the incident and posted the video to Facebook. It has since gone viral.

As Sjogren neared his friends with the moose close behind, they made loud noises and the calf veered off in a new direction.