Woman's explicitly detailed grocery list leaves little room for error for husband

Twitter user Era Golwalkar gained attention online this week when a grocery list she made for her husband went viral.

Golwalkar’s list had very explicit instructions, leaving her husband little room to mess up the shopping.

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"This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend! Even (you) guys (should) follow this list for happy customers," Golwalkar wrote on Twitter.

List items such as potatoes and onions came with illustrations from Golwalkar so her husband knew exactly what she was looking for. She even specified colors (red and yellow tomatoes, no green potatoes) and condition (round onions, tomatoes with no holes or cracks. She also included traditional Indian food items such as methi and mirchi, which were also listed with doodles and details.

The Times of India noted that the list "acts as a 'legally binding agreement' in case there is a conflict later between the couple due to any discrepancy between what was conveyed and what was bought."

"We implore women to be this particular in preparing the grocery lists as not only will it avoid any unambiguity arising out of their husbands' lack of discretion or general awareness, but it will also not give him any chance to make frivolous claims later such as, 'You didn't mention the quantity/color/weight,' (or) 'This wasn't available and you didn't mention any substitute,'" Times reporter Vikram Bhalla cheekily wrote.

Golwalkar later provided an "answer key," as demanded by apparent fans, with explanations of directions and preferences on the list.

In the guide, she explained that it was important her husband purchase red tomatoes, which are ready to use, and yellow ones, which last longer. Drawings of onions with and without growths distinguish which are ripe and which are not. She continued the key explaining the best conditions for usable methi, mirchi and bhindhi, an okra used in Indian cooking.

The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.