Binge watch challenge: Company offering $2,020 to view documentaries on famous leaders

MagellanTV is offering one U.S. voter $2,020 to binge watch 24 hours of documentaries about leaders throughout history.

One person will be selected to watch 24 hours worth of MagellanTV programming featuring some of the world’s “best and worst” leaders including Kim Jong Un, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. Each of the 24 documentaries are just under one hour.

The person selected will have 48 hours to view them all and must have at least one social media account, according to the rules. They will also be expected to post on social media after every documentary with some insights or opinions on the program.

The deadline to submit an application is Oct 5. A winner will be notified 10 business days later according to the FAQ section on the company’s website.

The documentary streaming service, MagellanTV is available on Apple iOS, Google Play, Roku and Fire TV.

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