Coronavirus: How outbreak could affect your wedding

Coronavirus: How outbreak could affect your wedding
FILE PHOTO: Some bridal boutiques are telling brides to shop for their gowns earlier instead of later because of the coronavirus scare. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

While some may be worried about the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., others may be worrying about the illness’ impact on their big day.

Some wedding dress designers are saying that there could be delays for shipping wedding gowns, multiple media outlets are reporting.

Not all wedding gowns come from China, but the fabrics used in them may be. With the virus shutting down companies, the fabric needed to create the once in a lifetime dress may not get to the manufacturer in time, some bridal shops are warning, KTVU reported.

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The normal delivery time frame of a wedding gown is four to six months, but one wedding shop owner is suggesting brides don’t wait, and order sooner rather than later, KTVK reported.

One designer said that some orders could be delayed by a week at least, but a backup of gown production could cause more delays, KTVK reported.

But California boutique owner Angela Jourdan said she’s seeing dresses delayed for six weeks, KTVU reported.

A similar message is being received in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Bridal Elegance owner Chris Wells said that the store has received messages from designers warning that they cannot fulfill some orders until China manufacturing restarts, WICU reported.

“Even the designers that aren’t producing in China that produce elsewhere are still buying the lace and the beads -- it’s a trickle-down effect. Most designers are telling us it’s just going to be delays,” Wells told WICU.

Wells is telling her brides who are getting married in July, August and September to not wait to find a gown.

“You need to order because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next two or three weeks,” Wells told WICU.