Emirates airline to pay up to $175,000 in medical expenses for travelers who contract COVID-19

Dubai-based airline Emirates isn’t just encouraging people to fly again in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic -- the company has also said it will pay for medical fees associated with the virus for those who contract it during their travels.

In a press release Thursday, the airline said it will pay up to 150,000 euros (about $175,000) and “quarantine costs” of 100 euros per day (about $115) for 14 days for any passengers infected with COVID-19 during their travels.

The airline is the first to make such a move.

“Emirates is proud to lead the way in boosting confidence for international travel,” said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates Group chairman and chief executive. “We know people are yearning to fly as borders around the world gradually re-open, but they are seeking flexibility and assurances should something unforeseen happen during their travel.”

Al Maktoum said the company is confident in their sanitation procedures, noting Emirates has “put in place measures at every step of the customer journey to mitigate risk of infection.”

Customers do not need to pay a premium or fill out any additional forms to be eligible.

The offering is valid for 31 days after an infected traveler’s first Emirates flight, even if the traveler flies on another airline to get to their final destination.

The measure is effective immediately and in effect until October 31, 2020.

Dubai reopened to international tourists on July 7.

As of Sunday, the United Arab Emirates reported about 59,000 cases of COVID-19 with 344 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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