Maki returned: 5-year-old child helped find missing lemur

DALY CITY, Calif. — Maki, the missing lemur, is home after his adventure away from the San Francisco Zoo, and a 5-year-old child is being credited with helping to find the missing mini primate.

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The ring-tailed lemur was reported missing Wednesday.

But it was found in Daly City, about 5 miles from San Francisco on Thursday afternoon, USA Today reported.

James Trinh, 5, was at his day care and noticed the lemur at the facility’s playground, his parents told KGO.

“He (the lemur) was hopping around the play structures. But ultimately, while he was waiting to be picked up, was hiding in the plastic playhouses,” Sarah Riggs, a teacher at Hope Lutheran Day School, told KGO.

Lemur locator James said it was exciting, and he knew what to do.

“Call the zookeeper,” James told KGO.

The Daly City police got Maki back to the zoo officials safely and in the care of veterinarians.

Zoo officials believe Maki was stolen when they found forced entry and damage to the enclosure that holds the animal.

The burglary case is still open, and no arrests have been made, NBC News reported.

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As for James, the zoo would like to give him a lifetime membership to the San Francisco Zoo, KGO reported.

The zoo had offered a reward of $2,100, or $100 for every year of Maki’s life, for information leading to the animal’s return, NBC News reported.