Severe storms send water pouring down inside Las Vegas casino

LAS VEGAS — Storms in Las Vegas were so severe Thursday night that it appeared to be raining indoors.

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Videos shared on social media show water pouring down from the ceiling inside Planet Hollywood. One video, shared by Sean Sable, shows water falling from the ceiling with the caption: “I’m not sure it’s raining more inside @PHVegas or outside.”

The system brought a whopping .58 inches of rain to the Las Vegas airport, the National Weather Service said on Twitter.

Another video from a parking garage on the Las Vegas Strip shows water gushing through, carrying debris with it.

Las Vegas is experiencing the most intense monsoon season in a decade, with 1.28 inches of total rainfall so far this year, USA Today reported. The area hadn’t gotten more than an inch of rain since 2014.

A flood advisory was in effect for the entire county surrounding Las Vegas Thursday night, and wind gusts up to 64 miles per hour were recorded at the airport, The Washington Post reported. Las Vegas remains under a flood watch until midnight Saturday.

Officials told USA Today that three vehicles were stalled in high water, but all the occupants were rescued without any injuries.