• Uptown Cheapskate owners in Mandarin: Thieves won't stop targeting our store

    By: Russell Colburn, Action News Jax


    A local business tells Action News Jax they were targeted by the man police are calling a serial burglar.

    The owner of Uptown Cheapskate, a Mandarin clothing store, said they captured Delonta Burrell on surveillance video breaking in through a wall. He then disabled three cameras.

    Owner Cynthia Swank said the suspect tried to break into their safe, but came away with no money.

    Swank also said she just opened in September and continues to be preyed upon by thieves.  She said she has captured at least four shoplifters on surveillance video.

    Video (below) Woman shoplifts while wearing "Karma" shirt: 

    “It’s frustrating, and it's kind of scary that people feel like they can come in and just take your stuff, and it can be theirs,” Swank said.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said since last month, Burrell hit eight other locations, including St.  Joseph's Catholic Church. 

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