“We can do far more”: SJC prepares to open new COVID-19 vaccination appointments

“We can do far more”: SJC prepares to open new COVID-19 vaccination appointments
(Ben Garver)

St. Johns County, Fl. — St. Johns County Fire Rescue wrapped up day two of appointment-only COVID-19 vaccinations Wednesday.

After another 800 dose allotment from the state, the county is now preparing to open up new appointments for Friday.

On Monday, the county administered 200 doses, and doubled that number to 400 doses on Wednesday at the Solomon Calhoun Center.

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They were all administered to people who were on a wait list that the St. Johns County health department compiled.

Captain Bob Snell with Fire Rescue said they’re preparing to administer 400 more doses on Friday and you can make an appointment here:

Vaccines are only being given out to people 65 and older, or healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients.

The state health department currently works with county departments to determine how many doses are allotted.

“It just is unknown, we have no idea almost until the point they show up,” Capt. Snell said.

However, he added that they have the capacity to do far more shots than what they are currently administering.  

“We can do far more than 800 in a week. How many can we do max? We don’t know because we haven’t had the ability to test the system yet in that way.”

Doses are currently for everyone, not just St. Johns County residents.

Fire Rescue recommends booking an appointment with the name on your license or photo ID and then bringing it with you to your appointment so they can confirm.

Inside the Solomon Calhoun Center, staff takes care of questions and administering the vaccine.

Then there is a waiting period to ensure there are no reactions to the shot. Patients will also book their next appointment on site.

County officials said they are looking at using a similar process at the Solomon Calhoun Center at other locations across the county, however exact information on where is not yet available.