Man dies in Florida after eating raw oysters, report says

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A man died from a Vibrio vulnificus bacteria infection after eating raw oysters at a Florida restaurant, health officials say.

The 71-year-old man died two days after earing the raw oysters in a Sarasota restaurant. Health officials have not said which restaurant.

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"We have an individual that consumed some raw oysters and to the best of our knowledge had no exposure to salt water, became severely ill, and passed away," said Michael Drennon, Disease Intervention Services Program Manager at the Sarasota County Health Dept.

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria is found in salt water and raw or undercooked shell fish. Health officials warn against earing raw or undercooked shell fish or getting into salt water with open wounds.

The Florida Department of Health's website says symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain or fever.

The health department's website also reports 16 confirmed cases of Vibro vulnificus this year, three of them fatal.

According to FOX13 Tampa, the health department is working with the restaurant to gather information during their investigation into this death.