Woman pulled over for DUI in St. Augustine claims "it sucks to be pretty," police say

A woman was arrested in St. Augustine for driving under the influence, according to St. Augustine Beach Police Department.

St. Augustine police pulled over Kim Tranter for going 45 mph in a 30 mph, according to the report. The report said Tranter told police she was trying to get away from someone but could not tell the officer from whom she was trying to get away from.

While Tranter was looking for her license, registration and proof of insurance the report said, "The defendant picked up her cell phone and put in a numerical code to unlock her cell phone, as if she forgot I requested her driver license, registration, and proof of insurance."

The report says she claimed she only had two drinks.

The report noted on the way to the jail, the defendant said, "It sucks to be pretty, but that's life though," and that she "stole two pieces of pizza and a sh---y box of wine."