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A look back at Jacksonville Jaguars' Blake Bortles

Jacksonville Jaguars

UPDATE: Action Sports Jax has confirmed Blake Bortles has been released from the Jaguars.

The Blake Bortles Foundation tweeted out thanks to the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville after the announcement of Bortles of his release.


2014 was a long time ago -- the next franchise quarterback hopeful was drafted third overall: Blake Bortles. At times, he looked the part.

In 2015, Bortles had five touchdowns against Tennessee and was en route to a franchise single-season record of 35 touchdown passes, the second most in the NFL. He also was sacked 51 times and threw 19 interceptions, the most in the NFL.

That year told the story of Bortles' career in a Jags uniform: durable. He never missed a snap for the Jags due to injury.

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Bortles was a playmaker at times: with his arm and legs -- 111 total touchdowns.

He was also was a catastrophic, negative playmaker in waiting with 74 interceptions and 28 fumbles.

Outside of these polarizing statistics, everyone wanted it to work for BB5.

Bortles' persona fit the franchise and the city -- a millionaire quarterback who could be funny and seemed to relate to those who paid to watch him.

He was like the significant other who you broke up with every other month: You wanted it to work so badly, but deep down you kind of knew it wouldn't.

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Bortles was the quarterback punching bag, literally, for opposing players and, figuratively for analysts.

He was the NFL punchline at times, but it was Bortles who punched back last year with a December stretch of football that was his best ever.

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Bortles then outdueled Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh and came close to bringing down Tom Brady in New England in the AFC Championship Game, which led to a contract extension, one validated in the first month of the 2018 season.

Everything changed in Kansas City with a five turnover game that sent this season into a spiral as another fluttering pass was picked.

Six weeks later, it was over. Bortles was benched twice, the last time, for good.

He survived two coaches, Tom Coughlin, three coordinators and just about as many offensive line combinations as turnovers committed.

Bortles didn't have a lot of consistency around him and never could find it as a quarterback either. Five years after it started, the Blake Bortles experience in Jacksonville is over.


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