• Are NFL owners conspiring to keep Kaepernick on the sidelines?


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    The quarterback competition in Jacksonville has led to some questions about why the Jaguars won't go after  unsigned free agent Colin Kaepernick.

    Football fans and civil rights leaders marched on NFL headquarters late Wednesday demanding to talk to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about Kaepernick's status.

    Kaepernick, who spent his entire career with the San Francisco 49ers, has remained unemployed despite his appearance in the 2013 Super Bowl.

    Kaepernick was heavily criticized during the 2016 season when he knelt during the national anthem to call attention to racial inequality and police brutality.

    Film director Spike Lee says owners — like Jaguars owner Shad khan — are working together to keep Kaepernick off the field.

    It’s not the first time Lee has publicly supported Kaepernick: 


    Jaguars coach: Competition for Jaguars quarterback job is open

    First-year Jaguars coach Doug Marrone is starting Chad Henne at quarterback in Thursday’s preseason game against Carolina at Everbank Field.

    Blake Bortles, the starter in Jacksonville for four seasons, has struggled in the preseason. It wasn’t difficult to find Jaguars fans who wanted Kaepernick to get a shot in Jacksonville.

    “I don’t hold it against somebody because they don’t stand,” said Larry Asberry. “He’s still an American. Land of freedom so we gotta to defend his right to kneel.”

    “Anyone is better than Blake. If he can prove his worth give him a shot,” said Leah Palmer. “We all have the right to express ourselves. “He shouldn’t be penalized because he chose to do it during his profession.”

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