• Panthers 24, Jaguars 23: Jags QB competiton could roll on into fourth preseason game

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    The two quarterbacks battling for the Jacksonville Jaguars starting job split time Thursday night in the Jaguars 24-23 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

    The competition could between Doug Marrone and Chad Henne could roll on a little longer.

    Head coach Doug Marrone didn't rule out playing Chad Henne and Blake Bortles in the fourth game of the preseason. Usually, only the team's backup players play in the final game of the preseason.

    Henne and Bortles said they made the most of the lineup switch.

    "It's definitely different, something I haven't done in a while, but you know, I think you get a chance to sit there and look at what they're doing schematically and figure some of that out, see, you know, 'Are they doing what we thought they were going to do, what are the change ups?,' talking to Chad for each series, sitting down with him and Nate. So you know, it's a different perspective," Bortles said.

    "I felt like my decision making was good, for the most part," Henne said. "We'll have to evaluate it once we watch the film. There wasn't any poor decisions that I felt ... the only thing I feel like, sometimes maybe just step up a little bit and avoid some of the sacks, get the ball out a little bit quicker for the offensive line," Henne said.


    Scoring updates from during the game

    10:29 p.m.: Jaguars' Jonathan Grimes brings it in for a 1-yard TD, but a 2-point conversion attempt fails, making the score Carolina 24, Jaguars 23.

    10:27 p.m.: Another TD from the Panthers' Cameron Artis-Payne and a successful 2-point conversion brings the score to Panthers 24, Jaguars 17.

    10:05 p.m.: Blake Bortles entered the game at the beginning of the half, and hit Shane Wynn in the corner of the end zone for a TD. Jason Myers extra point makes it Jaguars 17, Panthers 16.

    9:49 p.m.: Cameron Artis-Payne scores TD for Panthers. A 2-point conversion attempt fails, making the score Panthers 16, Jaguars, 10.

    8:59 p.m.: A Jason Myers field goal makes it a tie game, Jaguars 10, Panthers 10.

    8:39 p.m.: Panthers score a field goal to take back the lead over the Jaguars, 10-7.

    8:13 p.m.: Jaguars strike back: Chris Ivory's 1-yard run for a touchdown and Jason Myers' extra point combine to make it a tied game at 7-7.

    8:04 p.m.: BIG PLAY! The Jaguars special teams unit pulls off a fake punt to gain 51 yards and make it to the 21 yard line.

    7:45 p.m.: Carolina strikes first with a Cam Newton 9-yard touchdown, making it Panthers 7, Jaguars 0.

    Could Kaepernick be an option for the Jags?

    All eyes continue to be on the quarterback battle, as Chad Henne was the starting quarterback for the game against the Panthers. Blake Bortles took the field for the second half.

    There is a continued call from many, including Jags fans, to get quarterback Colin Kaepernick back on an NFL team.

    "Might have to go for another quarterback. They need to look out. Maybe Kaepernick, somebody else," Jaguars fan Adrian Emanuelson said.

    Film director Spike Lee mentioned Jags owner Shad Khan by name, accusing him of being in cahoots with other NFL owners to keep Kaepernick off the field. Last season, Kaepernick began taking a stand for racial inequality in America by taking a knee on the field during the National Anthem during games.

    The question of whether to sign Kaepernick was put to Khan Thursday afternoon by 1010XL. He answered that he'd be "absolutely" OK with signing Kaepernick.

    Khan said he is open to anything that his staff suggests would make the Jaguars a better team.

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