Fight for the Fedora

Back in 2008, then-Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard showed off his style on the field and off. After beating Denver, Garrard arrived to the post-game media briefing sporting a fedora. The image will be forever remembered fondly by fans.

Garrard is now a part of our team on Sunday morning’s Countdown to Kickoff at 11:30 a.m. on CBS47. 

In honor of his fashion-forward styling, the winner of our NFL picks contest wins the Fedora each week. A season winner is crowned with the Golden Fedora.

For the first three years of the challenge, that title has belonged solely to Dan Hicken. Brent Martineau finally took home the title in 2017. 

The contest begins anew in year 5. Stuart Webber and Marcel Robinson also battle to be crowned with … the Golden Fedora.

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