• Jags fans look forward to regular season

    By: Kristy Wolski


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Jaguars' last preseason game is in the books and many fans are looking forward to the regular season with high expectations. 

    There is much to be excited about off-the-field this season with the new scoreboards, cabanas and swimming pools. But, for fans, what’s most important is what happens on-the-field and many of them tell me they’re predicting a much better season than last. 

    “We’re definitely going 8 and 8,” said John Hudson, Jaguars fan. “Going to be a lot better than last year. It’s going to be great.” 

    “Much better than last year,” said Ron Broom. “I’m thinking maybe 8 games, 9.” 

    Of course, not everyone is as optimistic.  

    “I’ve seen it all before,” said Tommy Tzamaras, Jaguars fan. “20 years, same story.” 

    Action News asked the Jaguars for Thursday’s attendance numbers and learned there were 59,031 tickets distributed. Many fans said they’re expecting more people in the stands this year than last. 

    “Look at it right now. Even with the preseason it’s been an outstanding out-pour of people,” said Sharon Felton, Jaguars fan. “And I think we’re going to support the Jaguars this year a lot better because of the picks this year.” 

    Action News also asked Visit Jacksonville officials whether they’re expecting more visitors in town this season. They said it’s hard to compare year-to-year since the Jaguars don’t play all the same teams. 

    Historically, they said games against the Steelers, Dolphins, Giants and Browns bring in large crowds. 

    The first regular season game is in Philadelphia Sept 7. The first home game is against the Indianapolis Colts on September 21. 

    All season long Action News will be your home for Jaguars football. All the regular season games will be aired on either CBS 47 or FOX 30.

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