Schools preparing for high school football season during pandemic

Florida high school sports start August 24 during pandemic, parent reactions and coaches plans

Florida High School Football games can start on September 4th after FHSAA voted against recommendations from medical experts.

Football is not the only sport affected.

The FHSAA fall sports schedule includes football, cross country, golf, swimming and diving, and volleyball.

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Friday’s decision from the non-profit group that governs high school sports in the state leaves local school districts with only a few options.

The board discussed three options for fall sports:

  • Start games on September 4th or even push back the start as late as September 18th and still remain eligible for state playoffs.
  • Delay the start of the season past September 18th but that would make their teams ineligible or the FHSAA state championship.
  • Opt out/Leave the FHSAA entirely and form a local or regional athletic association while hosting their own championships when districts believe it is safe to play.

The Sports Medicine Advisory Committee submitted a report Wednesday to the FHSAA Board of Directors pushing for further delays to the season.

Action News Jax Jamarlo Phillips local parents and one local football coach.

“Now with everything going on I’m kind of iffy,” said Chikoby Lane. That’s how parents of student-athletes feel after today’s vote.

“I hope that they have the correct barriers in place to keep everyone from getting sick,” said Lane.

Lane says her son is in the ninth grade and will attend Andrew Jackson High school this fall where he will play sports.

She doesn’t want to be the reason her son can’t play. “He really wants to play and is excited about it,” Lane said.

West Side High School head football coach Rodney Dubose said he’s already been thinking about ways to keep his team safe.

“There are a couple of products out there as far as shielding inside of a helmet. I’m interested in getting of some of that,” said Dubose.

Not only that Dubose says the community is stepping in to help out too.

“We’re blessed, we have a former alumnus who has his own cleaning company who helps us with electrostatic spraying our facility once a week,” Dubose added.