’Get in the Game:’ Jacksonville Jaguars encourages fans to register to vote

’Get in the Game:’ Jacksonville Jaguars encourages fans to register to vote

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — “It’s not all about football!” Jacksonville Jaguars said as they launch the “Get in the Game” voter engagement campaign.

In just 63 days, voters in Duval County will head to the polls.

The Jacksonville Jaguars want to make sure as many people as possible are registered to vote.

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The team’s “Get in the Game” voter engagement campaign just launched today.

The Jaguars are encouraging voters to get in the game by getting registered to vote.

You can do that by visiting the Duval Supervisor of Election website: https://www.duvalelections.com/.

The deadline to register to vote in Duval is Oct. 5.

Abry Jones, the defensive tackle for the Jaguars, said he’s proud to be apart of a team that is encouraging them to use their voices for things that matter off the field.

“It’s really been positive for myself, and for teammates to see how passionate people on our team are about correcting these things and standing up,” Jones told Action News Jax.

The Jaguars said the commitment to voter education is shared by the entire organization.

The Jacksonville Jaguars players, staff, family and friends also marched for the Black Lives Matter movement, leading a march from TIAA Bank Field to the steps of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office back in June.

Cole asked Jones if he was afraid of any possible backlash from those who think athletes should stay in a certain lane. Here’s what he had to say:

“You’ve got to realize that the backlash that you get when people want you to just be an athlete when you stand on certain subjects, it’s letting you know, what really, the good you’re doing on the matter,” said Jones.

The Jaguars will use their PSA and social media and will even be getting the word out about voting on a game day against the Detroit Lions, Oct. 18.

That’s one day before early voting begins.

“Just saying if you want change is not enough. We have to take this right that people have fought to give us and go out there and make the country what we want,” said Jones.

The defensive tackle told Cole he just hopes this momentum to get to the polls in November will translate to local elections.

“You have to vote local to change stuff in your city. And then you have to go on up. And then even if you do vote for the president that you want, and he gets in, you have to vote in the House and the Senate to put the right people around him to get the changes that you want to see in this country,” said Jones.

In the August primary, there was about a 25% turnout in Duval County, which is pretty low. The Supervisor of Elections told Cole they were expecting a turnout between 40% and 50%.

Click the link to learn more about their campaign: https://www.jaguars.com/VOTE.

Visit www.jaguars.com/vote for more information.