"Buresh Blog": Dry as we head into the peak of the wildfire season

April averages

"Buresh Blog": Dry as we head into the peak of the wildfire season

March 26, 2019 — March has turned dry across Jacksonville/NE Fl./SE Ga.  After a good deal of rainfall from Jan. through early March, most areas have had less than a quarter of an inch of rain the last two weeks.  April is - on average - the third driest month of the year, so the patttern will be something to beware of as we approach the peak of the wildfire season.

In fact, a few wildfires have broken out locally recently.  Evaporation rates, sunshine, length of days, warmer temps., less rain before the start of our "wet season" & brown vegetation after the winter all add up to the peak of the wildfire season generally occurring from early to mid April to mid to late May.  Right now is a good time to clear any vegetation away from your home & other structures are on your property.  This "defensible space" should be at least 30 feet from buildings. Planting vegetation that is fire resistant will be helpful too. Widlfire tips can be found * here *.

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April is upon us(!)..... the averages at JIA:

Low / High - Apirl 1st: 52 / 77 degrees, April 30th: 58 / 82

Rainfall: 2.78" (only Nov. & Dec. average less rainfall)

Sunrise / Sunset - 1st - 7:16am / 7:45pm, 30th - 6:44am / 8:04pm - gain 51 min. of daylight.