Buresh Blog: Dry May to give way to the wet season!

Record hot late May/early June

Buresh Blog: Dry May to give way to the wet season!

June 5, 2019 — "Talking the Tropics With Mike" updated every day through the hurricane season... watch "Surviving the Storm"....

A dry last 3 weeks of May has made for a parched start to June for NE Fl./SE Ga.  The period from May 7th through June 3rd for Jacksonville was the driest such stretch on record with only 0.07" of rain compared to the avg. of 3.55".

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Combine the lack of rain with hot temps. - longest stretch of 97+ degrees at 10 days - 2nd only to a July, 1875 heat wave!, & you have the ingredients for sudden drought conditions.  100 degrees on Memorial Day tied our all-time May record high.

May rainfall courtesy our Jax N.W.S.:

FL   JASPER                      3.60                   
FL   BEAUCLERC                             2.41
FL   JACKSONVILLE BEACH                    1.52
FL   FERNANDINA BEACH              1.71
FL   LAKE CITY                     1.39                 
FL   LAKE CITY 2 E                    0.82       
FL   GLEN ST MARY 1 W                2.49                
FL   CRESCENT CITY                         3.45            
FL   GAINESVILLE RGNL AP             2.65         
FL   HASTINGS 4NE              3.63                   
FL   OCALA                    5.56                                               
FL   WHITE SPRINGS 7N               3.09          
FL   JACKSONVILLE INTL AP        1.74             
FL   FEDERAL POINT                3.64                                       
FL   NE PALM COAST                         1.82
GA   PRIDGEN                              1.12
GA   ALMA BACON CO AP        1.21                                              
GA   NAHUNTA 6 NE            2.20                  
GA   WOODBINE                     4.00

But June typically starts our "wet season" & all indications are that wetter is the direction were heading as we move toward the 2nd full week of June.  More than half our annual rainfall typically occurs from June through Sept. thanks to a combination of active sea breezes/high humidity & the occasional tropical disturbance.