Buresh Blog: Hot October.... Nov. averages

California wildfires

Buresh Blog: Hot October.... Nov. averages

Oct. 30, 2019 — October will go down as a top 10 warmest Oct. on record.  With one day to go as of this post, the avg. Oct. temp. is more than 5 degrees above avg.  This continues a stretch of above avg. October's / very warm falls since 2015 (2014 was the last Oct. with below [-0.8 degrees] avg. temps.)

Add to that a record hot Halloween that included the latest 90 degree day on record (Oct. 27, 2010) & pushed the year to a tie for 8th for the most 90 degree days in a year with 101 days.

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On the other end of the spectrum, it's been an early start to winter across the Midwest.  The photo below is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa where the avg. first snowfall is the first to second week of Nov. but occurs about 25% of the time in Oct.

November averages for JIA:

Low / High - Nov. 1: 56 / 77.... Nov. 30th: 49 / 69 degrees

Rainfall: 2.34" (driest month of the year on avg.)

Sunrise / Sunset: 1st - 7:40am EDT / 6:38pm EDT; 30th - 7:04am EST / 5:25pm EST - lose 37 min. of daylight.

California is enduring the annual peak of their wildfire season which comes near the end of their dry season & before the winter rains of Nov. through March.  Santa  Ana winds often blow this time of year making the fire situation even more tenuous.  Such winds set up when high pressure moves to the east & northeast of California producing downsloping gusty winds which dry & warm as the air descends

Los Angeles is in a semi-arid climate region averaging just under 19" of rain per year: