• "Buresh Blog": La Nina update & fall foliage - Oct. 18th

    By: Michael Buresh


    Oct. 18, 2017 - A La Nina "watch" remains in effect for the fall & winter.  A La Nina is a cooling of the equatorial Pacific.

    Forecast models below show a consensus on the formation of at least a moderate La Nina for the winter & spring:

    Note the cooling beginning to show up near the equatorial Pacific:

    The image below shows the typical rainfall impacts. Take notice of the warm/dry weather pattern that often evolves along the Gulf Coast including Fl./Ga.  So our ping pong rainfall pattern of this year may continue going from dry through mid May of this year to very wet through Oct. possibly back to dry this winter.  If La Nina or neutral conditions persist into summer, we could be in for another active hurricane season.

    So we are getting deep into autumn which means it "leaf peaking" time.... to our north at least.  The map below courtesy "StormFax".  Our limited fall color in Jacksonville usually peaks in Dec. - often leading up to Christmas. Fall color reports - here.


    Birds on the move - migration - too.  Cool "BirdCast" link - here.  The site gives weekly forecasts on the annual bird migration.

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