• Buresh Blog: Lunar eclipse and February averages - Jan. 30th

    By: Michael Buresh


    Jan. 30, 2018 - A lunar eclipse this week - Wed., Jan. 31st.  It's been referred to as the "Super Blue Blood Moon".  This term comes from the fact that there are two full moons in January - "once in a blue moon" (not very often but the moon will not be blue)... & the "blood" is because the moon may have a bit of ar reddish hue.  And because the moon's orbit is closer to earth (elliptical orbit), the moon will APPEAR about 14% bigger & 30% brighter.  But don't get too hyped up for this locally.  The eclipse for Jax/NE Fl./SE Ga. will be partial & will only be from about 6:45 - 7:15am then the moon sets as the sun rises.  So get up early & look low in the western sky.  A much more substantial lunar eclipse will occur in less than a year when a full lunar eclipse will be visible in Jacksonville & all of N. America on Jan. 20th, 2019. Generally not as spectacular as a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the sun & moon casting a shadow on the side of the moon that always faces the earth.  Images below courtesy "Sky & Telescope":

    We turn our calendars ahead to Feb. this week after a cold January - a month that will end up below average - the first below avg. month since June & only the 2nd month below avg. since Jan., 2017.  In fact,  June, 2017 & Jan., 2018 are the only 2 months below avg. since Feb., 2016 when he back to back months (Jan./Feb.) with below avg. temps.  The general weather pattern looks to stay cool into the middle of Feb. for the Eastern U.S. with Jacksonville sort of on the edge of the storm track & caught in-between the milder vs. colder air. Be aware that pine pollen will start soon - once we see sustained milder temps. - probably mid to late Feb.... followed by the oak pollen season 3-4 weeks or so later.

    So for February.....

    Our avg. last freeze for Duval Co. usually occurs about mid month.

    Low / High: 1st - 43 / 66 degrees.... 28th - 47 / 71 degrees

    Rainfall: 3.19"

    Sunrise / Sunset: 1st - 7:17am / 6:03pm... 28th: 6:53am / 6:24pm - gain 45 min. of daylight

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