Buresh Blog: On to the New Year!... U.S. Tornado Warnings... 80-degree Days... Jan. Averages

Jacksonville, FL — HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 was slightly cooler than avg. & a little wetter than avg. A recap of the year - weatherwise - is in the “Buresh Blog” * here *.

An interesting map shows the number of tornado warnings issued during 2021 by Nat. Weather Service offices. Brmingham led the charge followed closely by N.W.S. offices in Tallahassee, Memphis & New Orleans. 42 tornado warnings were issued by the Jacksonville N.W.S. (NE Fl./SE Ga.). The number of tornado warnings was unusually low for a good part of Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas (”tornado alley”).

Jacksonville continues to be on a “roll” when it comes to at least one 80 degree in each month since January 2016 - 6 straight years! (Jan. 1 & 2 of this year were 80+)

Jacksonville January averages: